Thursday, January 28, 2010

Extra Chucky with a Triple Dose of Cute!

Sorry Mom! I know that I missed yesterday but I think that being sick is a valid reason for missing a day. I mean, come on! Cut me a little slack huh? You don't see my other readers, all 5 of the other readers, complaining now do you? No, because they understand that sometimes life happens. And when it REALLY happens.

Yes, everyone I was sick. My sister Becca was sick Monday. Ryan was sick Tuesday. And I was sick yesterday. If you do the math that means I can blame my sickness on Becca. And unless she can trace where she got sick from, I am going to stick with that. As punishment she must buy me a pony that I will name Cupcake Sparkles McPony and she will live on my balcony.

I did take pictures for the Daily Gabe yesterday and for today so I am going to post both because they are all so damn cute it makes me want to spew sunshine from every orifice.

Yesterdays Daily Gabe was taken upstairs on my bed. People always say not to waste your money on baby toys because it is the simple things that entertain them. And last night that proved to be true. He has rattles and blankies and teething rings but all he really wanted to play with was the flat sheet from our bed.

See Mom!?! To make it up to you I am giving you some extra baby cuteness. And just as a side note, I think the blue blanket really brings out the blue in his eyes. He has eyes like his Daddy doesn't he? Although more and more people are saying that Gabe is starting to look like me. I think he just looks like Gabe...a sweet little chubby angel.

As for today's Daily Gabe, Ryan plays this game with him where he lifts him above his head and wiggles and kisses him on the cheeks. Gabe's smiles are so cute when he does this that I just had to try and catch him in the act.

See what I mean? Too cute!
So I am sorry Mom...sorry that I missed yesterday. But hope all this Chunky Monkey cuteness makes up for it.

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