Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do the Dew

Tuesday are the night we normally get to have Sera. It is always nice to spend this one night with her though sometimes I feel bad because we all just kind of hang out and don't go CRAZY with activities. Ryan and I will make dinner and then after we usually play a game. I know, we need to try and contain ourselves.
But it is also nights like these that remind me how special my family is. We can spend this time together and simply enjoy one another's company without any distractions.

This what our Tuesday night usually looks like. Tonight we played Dora the Explorer Candy Land and Becca, FYI, she still calls Backpack "Lunchbox"-Lunch box! Lunch box! HAHAHA!

As for Gabe, he likes to kick back in his special seat and enjoy. He also like to have himself a beverage and Ryan provided today's drink.

And when we tried to take this away...he got really mad. Like Father, Like Son. And I love both my boys and Sera Bear so much! (Not matter what their drink of choice is.)

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