Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Will Return...I Promise!

Sorry to all my family and friends! As many of you know Ryan and I have been dealing with some personal issues involving our daughter Sera. Suffice it to say that involves her moving to Hawaii this past Monday night. Things are still in process with all of that and I will let know you know more when I can. (I am not sure how much I should really say on my internet blog because you never know who reads it.)

Today is Gabe's 13 month birthday and I have still not posted about his AMAZING 1st birthday yet. Someday I will explain to him why there has been this lapse in posting and he will be cool and understand and then we will shotgun a beer together.

So I promise I am not gone, just trying to keep my head above water right now. Happy 13 month Birthday Bubba! I will post your 1 year blog soon and update everyone on your progress because you are a BIG BOY now! My tiny little toddler, I love your guts!