Saturday, February 25, 2012


As many of you know it is VERY WINDY here in the Salt Lake Valley today. Gabe has been particularly fascinated with the weather and kept wanting to look outside during breakfast. When we were finally done and had cleaned up, Gabe ran to the couch so he could climb up and peek out the window. When he did he saw our neighbors garbage can rolling past our house and said, "Bye garbage!" he then told that it is "Windies" outside. I thought it was adorable and so I grabbed my camera so you could all enjoy it too. Much love to you all!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eye Spy

Gabe had his first visit to the eye doctor this week and it went surprisingly well. He watched me go first and so I am guessing that helped. He didn't LOVE the experience but he didn't cry at all. This picture was taken at the very end of the visit when he kept yelling "All done!" He even did so well he got a certificate and a free meal to DelTaco...what a big boy! Much love to you all!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Holy Flock...That's a lot of Ducks!

It started with one or two and has turned into an addiction. Gabe loves Rubber Duckies and I encourage it by purchasing any cute duck I see. He only has 11 now but I can already tell this is leading to an episode of Hoarders. From left to right: Santa Duck, St. Patty's Duck, Pedro the Sombrero Wearing Duck, Raggedy Ann Duck, Nerd duck, Valentine's Duck, Penguin Duck, Vampire Duck, College Grad Duck, Easter Bunny Duck, and finally, Leprechaun Duck. Some of the have names, for example, he calls the Leprechaun Duck "Daddy" which I find extremely funny! Much love to you all!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Craft-tastic!...& The Kids

I wanted to post my wonderful creation because I never craft. I never craft because usually when I do, my projects turn out crappy. But I am really pleased with the way this one came out. It is a weekly organizer that you hang on your wall. It is a picture frame and you use dry erase markers to write down your week. I made this one for my sister for her birthday because she gets some sort of sick thrill from being organized...FREAK!
And since I know many of you ONLY stop by to see my kids, here is a picture for you! Much love to you all!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

He Fought the Law & the Law Won

He fought Newton's Law of Gravity, that is. And yes, his face lost the fight.

I guess he was running outside at daycare and in the rush to get in line his face met the sidewalk. Gabe is fine-it is all surface stuff. It just looks like he got into a bar fight and took a roundhouse kick to the face. Below is a better picture of his eye which is surely going to turn black. Guess he takes after his Mommy right now will it comes to being light on your feet.
Someday he will gain control over his body & quit falling down...someday. Much love to you all!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Say Yes!

The other night I had made some plans with the ladies in my family. This being said, we figured it would be easier for Ryan if we simply went out to dinner so that he didn’t have to worry about cooking.

We went to Virg’s Diner which has the most excellent selection of Cholula Hot Sauce and as some of you may remember, Gabe LOVES Cholula. Not kidding. He eats it with a spoon and takes shots from the bottle. We are planning an intervention but don’t tell.

After filling up on Cholula and eating all the croutons off my salad, Gabe wasn’t too keen on eating his dinner. So we ate and tried to feed him what we could. He ate about half of his chicken strip and a couple fries but then he was done. Like, throw his plate off the table done. So we boxed up what was left and figured it was best not to push the issue.

We then leave the restaurant and are driving home (Past a McDonald’s) when the following conversation takes place:

Gabe: I want chicken nuggets.
Me: Baby, we just ate dinner.
Gabe: I want chicken nuggets!
Me: You can have some more of your dinner when we get home.
Me: No, Gabe. Not tonight.
The angry voice that came out next could not have been my child. It must have been some demon from the depths of hell!)
Gabe: Say YES!

Did Gabe just tell me to say yes? Umm…yeah. Yeah he did. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants. At first he was still angry that I would not say yes to his request but then he started laughing with me. I knew 2-years-old would be a challenge but sometimes it is really freaking funny too! Much love to you all!