Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Say Yes!

The other night I had made some plans with the ladies in my family. This being said, we figured it would be easier for Ryan if we simply went out to dinner so that he didn’t have to worry about cooking.

We went to Virg’s Diner which has the most excellent selection of Cholula Hot Sauce and as some of you may remember, Gabe LOVES Cholula. Not kidding. He eats it with a spoon and takes shots from the bottle. We are planning an intervention but don’t tell.

After filling up on Cholula and eating all the croutons off my salad, Gabe wasn’t too keen on eating his dinner. So we ate and tried to feed him what we could. He ate about half of his chicken strip and a couple fries but then he was done. Like, throw his plate off the table done. So we boxed up what was left and figured it was best not to push the issue.

We then leave the restaurant and are driving home (Past a McDonald’s) when the following conversation takes place:

Gabe: I want chicken nuggets.
Me: Baby, we just ate dinner.
Gabe: I want chicken nuggets!
Me: You can have some more of your dinner when we get home.
Me: No, Gabe. Not tonight.
The angry voice that came out next could not have been my child. It must have been some demon from the depths of hell!)
Gabe: Say YES!

Did Gabe just tell me to say yes? Umm…yeah. Yeah he did. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants. At first he was still angry that I would not say yes to his request but then he started laughing with me. I knew 2-years-old would be a challenge but sometimes it is really freaking funny too! Much love to you all!

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