Sunday, December 12, 2010

Have An "Ice" Day

This weekend was pretty busy for us. We celebrated Grandma Karen's birthday with dinner at Sugarhouse BBQ. If you have not been there, you must go! It is delicious! I have some plate with Beef Brisket and Smoked Turkey and sides of mashed potatoes and baked beans. And it came with a HUGE piece of cornbread with honey butter. It was so much food and it was a good price. I ended up giving some to Ryan, Byron, and Spencer I had so much food left. But it was really good I wish I could have eaten it all.

As you can see from below, Grandpa Great Jim and the Birthday girl Grandma Karen ordered ribs and since they, like me, couldn't finish, Ryan and Gabe got to enjoy their leftovers.

The ONLY things I will say about the place is, don't go if you are looking for a quiet meal-the place is LOUD! And it felt a little cramped to me with lots of tables kind of squished together.


Today it was chilly but fairly nice outside so Ryan and I took Gabe over to the school. He had a little bit of a tough night, waking up frequently, but we think it was from all the shots he got on Friday at his 15-month check. (SIDE NOTE: After his visit on Friday we found out that he is 27.5 lbs which is 80% for his age and 2 ft 8 in tall which is almost 72% for his height. So he is big but growing at least he is proportionate.)

But as the day went on, he seemed to be doing better. And by this afternoon, we figured we would take a chance on a visit to the park. Gabe was cooped up all day today and so we thought he could use a little time outside.

Having fun at the park!

And finally for your viewing pleasure, I give you Gabe walking. Ryan loves to chase Gabe and as you will see, he likes it too. Gabe has been walking since he was 13 months but ever time I have tried to get video of it, he gets angry or starts crying. So today was perfect because he turned out to be in such a good mood. Much love to you all!

We love Christmas time

I told you I would post again soon! SEE! I can keep my promises. We started the season off by taking a visit to Valley Fair Mall. Valley Fair has stepped up their game and have done a lot of remodeling and revamping. And now that they have the GIANT tree up and a bunch of lights, it really very pretty. So we went to check it out and snapped some cute pictures too.

And of course, no December would be complete without a visit from THE SCARIEST MAN IN THE WORLD....SANTA! I am not sure why little kids are so terrified on a man that is just trying to give them free candy but it makes me feel safer in a way-you know what they say about strangers and candy. BEWARE! But luckily he didn't have to sit with Santa long and we were back to running around Ryan's office at the Air National Guard Base. Yay for sugar!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Famous Mr. Ed

So this video shows Gabe walking but only a little bit. It makes me laugh more than anything. We are asking Gabe what a horse says, just in case you can't understand what I am saying. I hope it makes you laugh as hard as I did. Love to you all. More to come very soon!