Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend 2011 (Part 1)

Our Easter was so JAM PACKED with events that I am going to have to create a 2-part blog to provide my readers with all the fun! I kind of sound like a used car I really have to convince any of you to read this blog. My family is so damn cute I should be charging you to read it.

Our Easter events technically started on April 16th when Ryan's unit at the Guard Base held an egg hunt for the kids. Ry and I were worried that Gabe might not grasp the concept of the egg hunt yet but once he saw the other kids, he did just fine. Things were going great until he realized there was candy in the eggs and then he would stop, throw the eggs out of the basket, and then sit on the ground and eat the candy inside.

It was almost impossible to get Gabe to look at the camera once he discovered the candy but this was such a good picture of Ryan, I am posting it anyway.

Here I am trying to help Gabe because he kept throwing the eggs back out and I didn't want some other little egg hunter to steal his goods.

This past weekend we were lucky enough to have Ryan's parents, Scott and Linda, and his brother Todd in town for Easter. As some of you may remember, we went to Montana last Easter but this year we decided to stay closer to home. I was really bummed and so Ryan invited them down.

Saturday morning we drove to Herriman for an egg hunt with Ryan's family. Let say this one thing, Herriman is too effing far away! I guess I am an idiot because I failed to realize just how far away Herriman really is and I thought we would never get there. But I am glad we went because it was a really good hunt.

Here we have Gabe and Ryan just killing some time before the hunt started. Have you ever seen a bunch of adults trying to contain 100 toddlers from collecting candy? Hilarious! Ryan was kind enough to act as a jungle-jim and although his face may have been squished, Gabe was having a great time!

Once the hunt started all the adults grabbed the kids and ran for the field. I thought it would be cute little hunt where the kids gathered eggs but oh no! It was every adult for themselves as the little ones sat on the lawn and ate suckers. Luckily Ryan's brother was there to help.

Gabe did have some fun with some of the more creative items that were there for the kids (adults) to collect.

Later that night we went for a swim at Grandpa Scott and Grandma Linda's hotel. Gabe hasn't been swimming in a long time but he did great! Ryan and I spent most of our time in the water passing him back and forth while he kicked his legs and splashed our faces.

The ONLY thing that could have made this picture better was if Sera was in it too. That girl loves the water and I wish she could have been with us.

And this will be one of the few times that I am ever allowed to be photographed while in my swimsuit. But I want proof that Ryan is not the only person who plays with the kids-I just happen to be the one who takes most of the pictures which makes it hard for me to be in them.

On Easter Sunday Scott and Linda took us all to an incredible brunch at the downtown Marriott. If you ever have the chance to go, DO IT! My gallbladder is acting up but I premedicated and enjoyed the food. It was divine! And the Easter Bunny was even there to pass out some treats. Gabe was hesitant but wanted candy more than he was afraid.

Part way through brunch Gabe started getting fussy so Grandma Linda began a game of peek-a-boo from across the table. Things were going great and until Gabe head-butted the table in an attempt to duck under it and then the tears came pouring. But Grandma Linda was quick to rescure him again and took him into the lobby to play with the revolving door.

And let's be honest-nothing cures tears like kisses from Grandma!

After Brunch we met the Easter Bunny outside for a quick family picture. I was wondering why Gabe was being so nice and quiet for this picture since normally he screams when he gets within 5 feet of the Easter I know why.

I will post Part 2 soon but for now, I am going to bed. Much love to you all!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

He's a Lumberjack & He's Okay

While I was at dinner last night with some friends, Ryan and Gabe spent some quality time together. Gabe is wearing his onesie from Grandma Linda that we think makes him look like a lumberjack and apparently felt he was too cool for pants. And to top off his outfit...SNOW BOOTS! But I think he was questioning on if he should switch to his green froggy galoches because it is really not snow boot season anymore. Either way, this picture made me laugh out loud! Much love to you all!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top Ten Again! (& Gabe Too)

Time for my favorite segment where I get to complain about things! YAY! That’s right my 10 (Hells yes double digits!) followers, I am talking about a new Top 10! And if you would like to pretend, each one of you can claim one of these Top 10 Items as your own. Sort of like I am dedicating them to you but I won’t…because I am lazy.

Top 10 Things I HATE About Living in MY Townhome Community

1. The Drive-In Swap Meet: I do not want to hear about all the bargains you can find at a swap meet. (Ryan I am talking to you here!) Mostly it is full of old N64 games, knock-off purses, and bongs…I mean, decorative vases. And as much as I love myself a nice decorative vase, I don’t love the line of cars the swap meet draws EVERY EFFING SUNDAY! Sunday is my time to drive to the store because I forgot bacon the night before, not to wait for you as you wait in line to go buy yourself a crappy pair of sunglasses.
2. The Garbage Can Situation: First off, let me start by saying I am glad we have a pickup and not some random dumpster somewhere on the property. However, when the 2 cans we drag out in front of our unit get blown over, sending our garbage along with the lid to our can rolling down the road, I don’t love it so much. And if by some miracle the cans don’t get knocked over, the garbage man usually tosses the lid back on my lawn finding the small patch of mud near the wall or random pile of dog poop left there by the yellow lab that roams around. Thanks for that Garbage Man! Also, the people on our street that drag there cans to the grass across from our driveway and leave them there for 2 days-I’m going to paint curse words on the cans next time as a friendly reminder to pick up your crap!
3. Dog Poop: Speaking of crap, the people who let their yellow lab crap on my lawn or the community grass. I pick up after my dog. My neighbors pick up after their dogs. Why are you special? Your dog leaves GIANT poops and I don’t want my kid landing in them. Clean it up before I make you wear it.
4. My Neighbors Kids on the Stairs: We share a wall with a family that has 2 young boys. And those boys must have freakishly strong legs because them noise they make tramping up and down those stairs sounds like a pack of wild buffalo. I am going to talk to them about “Indoor Feet” and how if they don’t stop, they will be hobbled.
5. The Guy Who Creeps Me Out: Jason, I am talking about you here! Just kidding. But seriously, there is a guy who whenever I go outside either downstairs or on my deck, he is peeping out his window or peeking over the fence on his deck. For example, we were out grilling on Saturday and Ryan can hear something over on the guy’s deck. The fences we have on the deck are pretty tall, maybe 7 feet so Ryan stands up on a chair and sees the guy looking over his fence at us. I KNOW RYAN WAS BEING CREEPY TOO! Please don’t point that out because I already know, but it freaked him out when Creepy Guy was already standing there looking at him.
6. The Stairs: Our townhomes have 3 levels so there are 2 big sets of stairs and then a little set of baby stairs. Yes I have fallen down them because I am not very graceful but that is not why. It is because when I have too many shots with my friends, those things are impossible to climb! I usually have to lie in the hallway on the second floor until the world stops spinning before I can keep going.
7. That Red Car Across the Street: My carport is being torn up because they are going to re-pour my driveway. No problem except there is a red car that has not moved in a year taking up one of the only extra spots we have. And if you think I am joking about it being there for a year I’m not!
8. 2:00 AM Fire Trucks: Our complex is across the street from a fire department and I am grateful because I know someday Ryan is going to blow up something. But when there is a fire or accident at 2:00 AM on a weeknight, it is not so fun. They try to be as quiet as possible and wait to turn on the sirens until they are down the street but it still wakes me up.
9. The Fact That My Mailbox Is At the Other End of the Complex: Need I say more?
10. Location! Location! Location!: I don’t mind that I technically live in west Valley. It really doesn’t bother me and I feel safe in my little complex. (Minus the Creepy Guy) But it bothers me when people hear where I live and assume that I must be A) Getting Shot At Constantly or B) Have Seen or Been Involved in Some Sort of Criminal Activity. It’s West Valley People! Time to wake up and smell the urban development.

All this being said, I do love where I live because I am close to the freeway, I don’t have to do yard work, and I have the world’s best neighbors, so it isn’t that bad. Much love to you all!

P.S. And once again, for those of you who only check this blog to see my cute boy, I present you with this. Gabe drank that entire cup of lemonade by himself! He is getting so big.

Monday, April 11, 2011

He Claims the Newspaper Started It But I'm Not Sure

He is the reason we can’t have nice things! LOOK! This picture was taken back in February and I forgot to post it but it is funny so I am posting it now to give you all a laugh and start your week off with a smile. And P.S. We did get rid of that end table and put a bookshelf there instead and yes, the bookshelf is mounted to the wall. P.P.S. I would also like to thank my sister and brother for teaching him how light switches work.