Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just Like His Mama

You know the curse that your mother gives you when you are a kid and being difficult? You know the one! The one that goes something like, “I hope you have a kid just like you!” Yeah…that one. Well, it has hit our home recently.

Most nights after it cools down outside and after we have had our dinner, Ryan and I take Gabe outside for some play time. It does us all good to get some fresh air and sunshine. It has become such a part of our routine that Gabe now knows that this is going to happen and gets very impatient if it doesn’t happen quickly.

The other night at dinner Ryan and I were still chatting and finishing our plates. Gabe had sucked down his dinner and was feverishly trying to interrupt us by saying “Mommy!” every 10 seconds. Eventually I give in and look at Gabe and ask, “Yes, Gabe?”

“I all done! I wanna go outside!” he replies with an anxious look on his face.

“Not yet. Mommy and Daddy are still eating.” I tell him and turn back to Ryan to continue our conversation.

Gabe then scrunches up his normally cherub-like face into a glare and says in a very high-pitched voice, “Mommy I wanna go outside.” He then grimaces and frowns and in a much lower and snotty sounding voices says, “No, not yet!”

Ryan and I froze and looked at him. My precious baby just mocked me. Screw that! That kid just taunted me! How can…? What the…? ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS!?!? Ryan hid his face behind his hands trying to suppress a laugh while I continued to look in shock. I have a kid who is just as smart-mouthed as his mother and he only 2-years-old. Crap. I am screwed.

But I forgive his sassiness and realize that I wouldn’t have him any other way. He may be turning out to be like his mom but it could be worse. I’m not that bad right? Much love to you all!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Deck Garden

Ryan and I decided to try our hand at gardening this year.  As some of you may remember, back in May 2009 I tried growing a tomato plant but Freya ate the plant before it could even get going.  (Stupid Dog!)

But this year was different!  We got ourselves some 5-gallon buckets, potting soil, and plants.  We have 3 tomato plants: (L to R) Purple Cherokee, Italian Traveler, and Cherry Tomatoes.  We planted these the weekend before Memorial Day weekend and I was getting discouraged because nothing was happening.  The plants would flower and then the flowers would die and fall off.  After over 4 weeks of watering and caring for these I wanted some results!
 Last night I got my wish.  Our cherry tomato plant has 4 tiny tomatoes!  I AM SO HAPPY!
 But even better, today while showing Sera the tomatoes, Ryan saw this!  That's right!  We have a green bell pepper too!  We only have one bell pepper plant so I hope it produces tons of peppers.
We also have 2 cucumber plants but they are the black sheep of our garden.  The plants are growing but no tiny veggies yet.  I am hoping they see how much I love the other plants and starting feeling neglected.

I will keep you posted on my veggies unless they die and then you will NEVER hear about them again.  Much love to you all!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Takes After Aunt Becca

Me: Morning My Baby!
Gabe: Uhhh!
Me:  Are you grumpy this morning?
Gabe: Yes.
Me:  Why?
Gabe:  Cause of my Mommy.

He is so not a morning person!  Much love to you all!

My Only Sunshine

This is a video that I am hoping makes you all smile as much as it made me smile.  Again, please forgive that it is on its side...I SUCK!  Ryan even tried to fix this problem and even he couldn't figure it out.  Oh well!  At least I make cute kids!  Much love to you all!