Sunday, December 12, 2010

We love Christmas time

I told you I would post again soon! SEE! I can keep my promises. We started the season off by taking a visit to Valley Fair Mall. Valley Fair has stepped up their game and have done a lot of remodeling and revamping. And now that they have the GIANT tree up and a bunch of lights, it really very pretty. So we went to check it out and snapped some cute pictures too.

And of course, no December would be complete without a visit from THE SCARIEST MAN IN THE WORLD....SANTA! I am not sure why little kids are so terrified on a man that is just trying to give them free candy but it makes me feel safer in a way-you know what they say about strangers and candy. BEWARE! But luckily he didn't have to sit with Santa long and we were back to running around Ryan's office at the Air National Guard Base. Yay for sugar!

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