Friday, January 15, 2010

Guitar Rock Hero Band Night

Tonight it was Beatles Rock Band night at our house. Ryan loves to play the drums and Sera likes to sing. I will play the guitar but I also like to sing. I know most of the songs on the game and I feel like I am a rock star when those 100% show up on the screen. And you know, since I have a complex about my singing and the game seems to think I dont totally suck, it is a little confidence booster as well. We do have one rule for Sera though: NO SCREAMING INTO THE MICROPHONE! She does this almost every time we play and it hurts our ears. Even Gabe gets into it...kind of.

Sera rocking out to words that she does not know, but dang it, she looks good.

And Gabe...our future little Paul McCartney minus the crazy gold-digging ex-wives.

I love in this picture that he looks totally surprised like I just caught him doing something naughty. Now if he were a rock star, that something naughty would be snorting cocaine or trying to get himself a little groupie action. But since he is only a baby, it is more like I caught him drooling all over our guitar and looking too cute for words.

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