Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Five Month Birthday

Happy 5 Month Birthday Bubba!

I am so thrilled to be posting within a day of your accutal 5 month birthday. I know this post is supposed to be all about your fifth month of life, but allow me to pat myself on the back a little huh? Allow me to express the amazingness of this accomplishment.

Okay, I'm done.

This fifth month has been just as incredible as the first 4. You have grown leaps and bounds and I stand in awe of all that you can do. Some of these things are amazing and some drive me nuts.

You finally rolled over-which has probably been the biggest accomplishment for you. You went from your tummy to your back. The first time you did this, your startle reflex kicked in and your arms shot out from your sides and your eyes got wide. You hate tummy time so much and it freaked you out that some how, you had fixed the situation yourself. Now when we flip you onto your tummy you stay for all of about 5 seconds (if that) before turning yourself onto you back again. It had turned into a game with us and it makes you smile.

Yesterday you also went from your back to your tummy twice. It took a lot of coaxing and encouragement on Aunt Becca's and my parts but you did do it. Then you quickly realized that you were on your tummy and flipped right back. I should also mention that while attempting to do this, you whacked your head on your Mozart Cube and now give it a nasty look when I put it in front you. I'll give you another day to forget and soon, you'll love your cube again.

In this past month you also are really starting to throw your body weight in the direction of something you want. Instead of looking at something and trying to use what your father referes to as "Jedi Mind Tricks" to get the item, you lean towards it. It makes me smile when I am holding you and suddenly you throw all your weight to one side and end up sticking for face into a blanket or the arm of our couch. But at least you are getting the idea down.

When you Dad weighed you the other day you were almost up to 18 pounds and your six month clothes are barely fitting. Nine month outfits work much better even though they are a little long in the arms and legs. It is funny when people ask me how old you are. I tell them and they are very surprised and usually say "Wow! He's big then."

But even more important Gabe, this last month I have seen you and your sister get closer. I see her play with you and hand you your toys. She sing and dance for you and you watch her closely. You'll smile at her and once in a great while, give a little laugh. And she loves you Gabriel. I know that there are many years between the two of you. And at some point, she may not show quite as much interest because she will be a "way too cool" teenager. But I am telling you now that at this time in you still very new life, she adores you.

Why was Sera telling us to cut it? Why were you suddenly so angry? Well for those of you who think Gabe is always sweet and cute...

WRONG!!! While sitting in your ExerSaucer Gabe, you literally pooped up your back. And I love the look on your Dad's face. This is a moment, I am glad that you'll be able to have when you are older.

I love watching you Gabe. Your Dad and I will spend our nights playing with you rather than going to bed at a decent hour. You love all the attention. This brings me to the other new thing you are starting to do. You have now started to cry because you want to be held. You fooled me at first, I will admit that. But over this last month you figured out that crying baby=baby being held. It has been hard to let you fuss and your Dad has to remind me that you are okay and to leave you alone. And I know that you'll eventually get past this. But for now, you are just making my anxiety worse.

Happy 5 Month Birthday Our Little Man. We love you so much. Keep on growing and developing. And we will just keep on loving you unconditionally.


Baby Mama said...

Man, Ethan had started crawling a week before his five month birthday and has never stopped moving since. You are lucky Gabe isn't yet. It's hell.

Janey said...

How freakin cute is that update. You HAVE to print that out for a keepsake. It made me laugh a bunch.

Gabe is getting so big and he's so freakin cute! I love his eyes.