Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's Exhausting Being a Baby

Last night was our Tuesday night with Sera. We had a nice dinner together and then headed over to our church to do family pictures. Our church has a directory where each entry has a picture included so you can put faces with names. I told Ryan that I guess this means we are "regulars" if they are asking us to be in the member directory.

Sera played with the other kids that were there with their families and she seemed to really enjoy herself. I know she has some anxiety about going to church with Ryan and I but once she is there, she always seems relaxed and has a good time with the other kids. And it isn't just her-Ry and I have had a great experience as well.

All that being said, we were at the church a little late and so I was not able to post. But I did get this sweet shot of Gabe while we were waiting at the church last night. He was fussy for me but as soon as Ryan got him and rocked him, Bubs fell right asleep.

Tonight Gabe has been very happy and active. As Ryan and I ate dinner, he sat in his swing and laughed and talked. And after a day like today that was emotionally hard for me, I needed to see my baby boy at his cutest.

We wish all our family a good night. After all that smiling, Gabe is very worn out now and so are going to go to bed. Sweet dreams!

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