Saturday, February 6, 2010


Last night was really fun. My mom's brother John had his big 5-0 birthday party and Ry & I took Gabe with us. I thought he might get a little overwhelmed with all the people but he did really well.

The only time he freaked out was when they turned off all the lights so we could sing happy birthday. He was sitting with my Grandpa Jim and suddenly started screaming. Grandpa quickly passed him off to my mom and he calmed down. It was pretty funny.

And yes Grandpa always looks like this. Very rarely will you get a smile from Grandpa. But that's okay-we all know that he loves us.

And yes, even I got into the party. It was a fiesta theme and let me just answer your questions now. No, there were no tamales. And no, I didn't bring the sombrero but I am making it look good.

By the end of the night Gabe spent all of his time being held and I was worried that when we got home he would be so spoiled that we wouldn't be able to put him down. But we walked in, fed him a little, and he went right to sleep. Which was great for Ryan & I because after all that fiesta fun, we were pretty tired too.

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