Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Love You So I Eat You

We took a day off yesterday because Gabe was sick and so I was busy taking care of him. And even though I didn't post it, I did take a picture. Gabe's Grandma Linda gave Gabe and Sera each a stuffed animal for Valentine's Day. Sera's was a pink and white giraffe which she wanted to take home to her Mom's house and Ryan said it was okay. Gabe got a red rhino with white kiss marks all over him which we promptly named Smoochie.

Tonight Ryan and I went to the gym (Look at me doing so good on my New Year's Resolutions!) and when we got home Gabe sat in his car seat for a couple minutes. When I went to get him out, he just looked so cute that I decided it was worthy of being a Daily Gabe. I hate putting up pictures of him in his car seat because I think it makes me look lazy, but tonight I really don't care. I mean...LOOK HOW CUTE THAT FACE IS! Don't you want to just squeeze those fat cheeks?

Also we want to wish my sister Becca a very happy 24th birthday. Love to all our family!

P.S. For those of you who are curious, Gabe is doing much better tonight. Less congestion and no fever. YAY!!!

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