Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why do I bowl? HONESTLY!

I have discovered that the word blog is a “4 Letter Word” in my life at times. I want to do it and I take pictures so that I can fill this site with memories that someday my children will hopefully cherish. And then…I fall asleep watching Tosh.0. Yes Internet, I watch Tosh.0 instead of writing about my family, but have you seen that show? Hilarious!

So Friday Mar 4th Ryan and I were tired of our son looking like a Moonshine-Making Hillbilly and took him to get his haircut. Not to mention, I had a date later that night. No, not with Ryan. I had a date with a lovely lady named Lacie. Now okay, Ryan and her husband Mike were invited but she and I both know this night was about us getting together and making each other laugh our butts off. Those two just came along to get us beer and/or food.

So we took Gabe to this little place that Ryan goes to get his haircut. We walk in and all I hear is a T.V. that is turned up to the MAX volume to some Asian Soap Opera. Also, on the floor by the front desk is a little tiny shrine with a plate of tangerines in front of it. Seriously Ryan?

We wait a few minutes before Tiffany (Her name is not really Tiffany I AM SURE!) motions for us to come on over. She was sweet and her Vietnamese accent was thick. She gave Gabe a sucker and tried to start. But as soon as those clippers came on so did his screeching. You would have thought she was trying to remove his head with those things.

He fought and screamed the whole time. And poor “Tiffany” kept smiling and trying to stay calm although I am pretty sure she wanted to duct tape him down. By the end, Gabe had “Tiffany’s” spray bottle and was squirting his Dad in the face with two suckers in his other hand. I was taking pictures but most of them just make me look like a bad parent for allowing some person to torture my child.

I did get this picture once we were safely out of the salon and back in our car. “Tiffany” really like hair gel. Before I could really say no she was slathering the goop all over his head and turning him into Sonic the Hedgehog. Glorious!

After the trauma of Manhattan Salon, we met up with Mike and Lacie for some bowling. I love Lacie because we cannot stop laughing or giggling when we are together. (But what do you expect when you have known someone for 11+ years?) We have been through some crap together and haven’t always stayed close but I admire her and love to hang with her when we can. And might I also add that she recently got married to a great guy named Mike who seemed to be able to put up with me, my strange husband, and Gabezilla all in one night. And on top of that, Mike has a great sense of humor and was able to put up with us for a whole night of bowling. Yeah, he is pretty cool.

Of course, I sucked at bowling. I tried to play it off like I wasn’t really trying that hard but to Ryan, Lacie, and Mike, I will admit now, I was. I was trying to be a good bowler and I am sorry that I SUCK! But at least we all got a good laugh at the expense of my stunning display. I definitely should have had more beer but then the chances of me falling on my butt in front of everyone increase and I am not sure I would have wanted that either.

All in all, it was great night and I am so glad that I got to spend that time with my family and friends. I want a bowling rematch with the Messerly’s but I think I need to practice a little more first. And Gabe, may I just apologize in advance if you happen to inherit my bowling skills…just know that you will always be good for a laugh and the it was your handicap score will be for.

Much love to you all!

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