Saturday, March 26, 2011

Red Yellow Green Red Blue Blue Blue...

Today was a fun day because we decided to head down to the Lotus Temple in Spanish Fork which is the Hindu temple in Utah county. And this weekend they were celebrating the Hindu holiday of Holi which celebrates the coming of spring. Apparently it is a HUGE holiday in India and the most common way of celebrating is by throwing colored powder on people. It doesn't even have to be at people you know which we found out the hard way.

So Gabe, Ryan, my sister Becca, her husband Spencer, and some of our neighbors loaded into our cars and drove down.

There was music, dancing, food, and of course, AN INSANE AMOUNT OF COLORED CHALK! Technically it was some sort of flavored flour that was also lightly scented. And I will say that although it was safe to eat DO NOT ATTEMPT IT! Ryan so very kindly threw a handful of bright orange in my face and it mostly got in my mouth. Not delicious at all!

And yes, we are the type of parents that we dressed Gabe in a white shirt and told perfects strangers that, yes they could throw chalk at our baby. Most people were kind and sprinkled a little on his head or rubbed it in his hair. Most of the "damage" done to Gabe was done by our group.

We, as adults, were not treated so gently. You would turn your head and BAM! All you could see was pink, or in my case purple, as some giggling D-Bag runs in the other direction. I get that you can expect certain things from the people you are with but "the rules" say no powder in the face unless you ask first. Oh well! And I will have you know that I followed the rules and only threw it in Ryan's face unless I did it on accident.

It was so much fun to just be there and see the clouds of pink smoke surrounding the temple. The music was booming and it was perfect. It was fun throwing powder at perfect strangers especially if they were really clean.

If you have the chance to participate in a Holi celebration DO IT! Yes you will get messy. Yes you will get hit in the face. Chances are you will eat your fair share of the powder too. But I promise, you will have a great time. And what an incredible experience.

And just to show you that I am not a completely mean parent and do let him have fun this is a video of Gabe having some food and dancing to the wonderful music. Love to you all!

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Jenny Bitterman said...

This makes me soooooo happy! You guys are too much fun!