Tuesday, March 1, 2011

*Imagine the Theme Song From Jaws Here*

When Gabe and I went to Logan last weekend it was brought to my attention that Gabe sort of has a rat-tail/mullet. I know...I should be ashamed. It's just, Gabe was bald for such a long time that getting his haircut has never been high on my list. And now that his hair has grown, he is business in the front and party in the back. He has a baby mullet or as Ryan calls it, a Bullet.

So tonight while giving Bubs a bath we experimented with some different styles that didn't look quite so white trash.

I call this one the "Grandpa Chad Morning Hair." My Dad is infamous for his morning hair. All he has to do is look at a pillow and BAM! His hair goes crazy. This is Gabe's interpretation of Grandpa Chad's hair.

This is what I call Gabe's "Jersey Shore" look. Although similar to Grandpa Chad hair, this is much more intentional and tends to look more like Devil Horns. I didn't let it last long because as soon as Gabe got his hair done like this he expressed a desire to go tanning and skin cancer runs in our family.

This is our final look and probably my favorite. We call this one "Mowhawk Bubs" and it makes him look tough. Just ignore the smiling red crab on the wall and you will see just how tough he really is.
After Gabe's bath it was time to dry off. Gabe's new towel that we bought from Costco is maybe the cutest thing I have ever seen. It makes me want to start singing the theme song from "Jaws." And he is just like that giant Great White with the exception that he has yet to barf up a license plate from Louisiana.

But really he isn't at all like a shark. He is my little Cuddle Bug and I am sure he is going to love that I called him that on the Internet when he reads this later in life.

And once he was all clean and dressed it was time for bed. So after kisses and hugs good night, he got tucked in with his buddy, Phil the Penguin.

Nights like this might seem boring to some people but to Ryan and I they mean so much. It is fun to spend time with Gabe and get to see him grow every day. So Gabe when you read this later in life I want you to forget the Snuggle Bug comment and be grateful for 2 things:

1. Mommy & Daddy love just being around you because you make our life brighter.

2. I was kind and have not posted any pictures of you naked from the waste down while you were in the tub.

You're welcome Gabe! Much love to you all!

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