Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two Amazing Sundays!

On Saturday March 5th Ryan and I took Gabe to Hogle Zoo for the first time this year. When we went last year Gabe was still too little to really enjoy. But for Christmas Ryan's uncle Tom and his wife Annie got us a Yearly Family Pass to the zoo so we decided to put it to good use.
We weren't sure what to expect because we didn't know if he would get the whole "Caged Animals! Woo!" thing but luckily he grasped the concept. We saw the monkeys first which he went crazy over. He loved watching them jump from branch to branch and would giggle and clap when they got close to the windows.

He also liked the baby orangutan who was sitting right next to the window. He would put his tiny little hand up against the glass and the orangutan would do the same. It was fun watching them interact with each other.
But what Gabe really loved were all the birds. He wanted to pet the peacocks, chase the chickens, and catch anything with feathers. If it flew, he loved it! I think it is the bright colors and loud squawking that makes him love birds. It was really fun to watch Gabe show such an interest in them.

This past Sunday the weather was gorgeous so we decided to take Gabe over to the park. He, of course, went crazy over the slides and swings like always.
I love that it is getting warmer outside because that means we can have more weekends like this was smiles as big as this!

But like I have said many times before, it isn't always the special things that we got out and do together as a family. Sometimes it's the nights that we spend playing in the living room. Tonight was no exception as I caught this moment between Ryan and Gabe. Ryan was tickling Gabe to the point where they were both laughing and the perfect moment they both looked up and gave me the 2 biggest smile I have seen in a long time.

I love these two guys so much and cannot seem to get enough of them. Much love to you all!

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