Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For the Benefit of Mr. Kite

Today I wasn't feeling well because I had another headache. I think it is all changing weather plus the nasty cough I've had for a week but I've been get more headaches than usual. But when I got home the cool wind on my face felt so good that we decided to take Gabe over to the school across the street to try flying a kite.

The picture below is from a distance so I could get both Ryan and Gabe in the shot. And since you can't really see the kite I circled it in yellow. I wanted to prove that Ryan and I really can fly kites.

And natrually Gabe was very helpful in the whole process.

What did you say Internet? Is that a Yoda kite you ask? Why yes! Yes it is. Would we have any other type of kite? Honestly Internet...did you even have to ask? This is Ryan's son we are talking about!

So I am going to go find my lung that I think I just coughed up on the living room floor before the dog eats it. Much love *cough hack cough* to you all!

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