Friday, March 11, 2011


I know that everyone is expecting a Gabe blog, and trust me, it is coming! I have lots to share about Gabe. But I quickly wanted to share my thoughts on an issue that hits very close to home for me.

Please understand this first and foremost: I am grateful that we love in America where people have the freedom to live their lives as they choose. I embrace that freedom by living my life in the way I choose. My husband has been to Iraq to help other people get the same opportunities to have that freedom. I respect that everyone has the right to feel how they want to feel. And I understand that not everyone who reads this blog is going to agree with me on this issue.

I was raised to believe that God loves everyone. EVERYONE! There are people in this world that I detest with every fiber of my soul and I still have to accept the fact that God loves them. THEM! Really?!?! Yes really. And as much as I think there is no way anyone could really love this person, God does.

I have heard the saying “God doesn’t make mistakes” many times in my life. When I was younger and hated myself, it was said to me on more than one occasion. And I have come to believe that it is, in fact, true. God loves all his creations because he made them. He knew when he made me that I was going to be the size that I am. And God loves me, just as I am. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t want me to be healthy, but he loves me either way.

God loves me even though I don’t attend church on a regular basis. He knows that I believe he is out there and that he listens to me when I need him. I know that he loves my family and friends that do attend church just as much as he loves me. God just wants us to be good people. And truth is, even when we are not, he loves us anyway.

God loves us not matter our gender, religion, skin color, or…sexual preference. I know that God loves people who are gay. God doesn’t care because, well, he made them knowing that was the way they were going to be. It isn’t a choice for them just like I didn’t choose to be heterosexual. Who would choose to fall in love with someone of the same sex knowing that they would not have the same rights? Who would choose to have their relationship judged and deemed unworthy? Would you choose that? I know I wouldn’t. I believe that just as I love who comes naturally to me, so does everyone else.

And yes, there are gay rights activists that are loud, pushy, and obnoxious. But there are anti-gay activists that are just as bad. You will find pushy, rude, hateful people on both sides of any argument. That is just the way it is…I mean, look at the Democrats and Republicans!

I have people that I love and cherish who are gay. And I would never be so bold to assume that I am better than them and deserve more because I am heterosexual. I have friends who are of an ethnic minority and I don’t feel like I am better than them either. I have family and friends who are very religious and I know that they love me even though I don’t believe the same as they do. Hell, I have Atheist friends who might think I am a little weird for believing in a higher power, but they still love me and would do anything for me.

I guess the moral of this blog is, I don’t care how you live your life as long as you don’t care how I live mine. And no matter what, God loves us all. He loves us despite the mean and cruel things we do to each other. And I think He just wants us all to get along and quit judging each other.

I hope that you all take from this the message of: I will love you for you. And for those people out there that I don’t like and wish you would just go away, I may not love you, but God does and that is at least on person on your team-YAY FOR YOU!

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BeccaBoo said...

I think coming to that conclusion is a huge step..especially considering everything you've had to go through involving other's choices. The capacity of God's love is endless and eternal. His love doesn't discriminate. I believe as human beings-we all have worth and are all deserving of God's love. Thanks sister!