Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I check the clock and see that it is just after 7:30 AM and I know I have to go. I have to load my purse and my son into my “not-mini-van” SUV and go to work. But I linger just a moment longer. “Just a few moments longer.” is what I tell myself.

Gabe is sitting on my lap. He is too tall for me to cradle him like I once did plus I don’t think he would let me. He is fixated on the small singing animals on the T.V. which is the only reason I can hold him now. And I do hold him.

I lean in and smell his fine blond hair that is so stick-straight in places and in others points to the sky because of his cowlicks. The scent of his baby shampoo gives my heart a little poke as I realize that the word “baby” is somewhat inappropriate.

I hold out my hand in front of him with my palm up and he instinctively places his hand on mine. I sit for just a minute and study the differences in our hands. He is a part of me and his hand is half of my hand. I will forever be a part of him and I hope to be the best parts of him and his life.

One day I hope that he sits with his own son cherishing the moments that may seem so small. I hope that one day he is a part of something as special as he is to me. But for now I will hold on to that moment where as big as he is, he is still so small. He is still so precious.

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Lacie said...

Favorite post to date.

Love you lady.