Thursday, January 12, 2012

2 Year Celebration!

Last night Ryan's mom Linda sent me some pictures of Ryan as a toddler and some of Sera. I was blown away by Ryan's picture! I can hardly believe that the pictures are of my dark-haired husband. So after giving it some thought and getting a picture from my mom I decided to post a blog with pictures of all 4 members of our family when we were about 2-years-old. It is amazing to me how much Gabe looks like his Daddy. Hope you all enjoy these as much as I do.
Ryan at 2-years-old. His kids look so much like him!
Me at about 2-years-old. To me, I still look the same!
Sera at 2-years-old. She had such adorable chubby cheeks.
Gabe at 2-years-old. Such a big boy with such an adorable smile.
Much love to you all!

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