Saturday, January 28, 2012

Literally Bouncing Off the Walls

Last weekend we went to Airborne Trampoline Arena with the kids...and when I say kids that includes my husband, my sister, and her husband as well as Gabe and Sera. If you have not been to this place and you have kids (Or adults that act like kids.) you need to check it out! It is really fun and extremely exhausting.

This is Sera on the rope ladder that is over the big foam pit. She loved climbing this because she was really good at it and almost always reached the top to ring the bell.

This is Gabe playing in Kids Area. I am really glad they have a designated area for little ones because as much as he liked being on the big trampolines sometimes he got a little bit overwhelmed.

And as I said before, we went with Becca and her hubby Spencer. I wish they would have given us the heads up on wearing yoga pants and not jeans! Seesh Becca! I am still glad they were able to come with us because they made it that much more fun.

Spencer is a natural at a place like this. People were stopping to watch him when he was doing flips into the big pits. He is really amazing!

And even though no one stopped to watch him, Gabe was equally amazing at making baskets with the foam blocks.
And Ryan was proving himself to be my own personal Superman by taking a flying leap into the big pit as well. Side note, after belly flopping into the big pit he got a little stucks in the foam a turtle on it's back. It was cute!
And just to prove that I wasn't sitting the whole time here is a group shot of the Baker family.

Airborne Sports is a lot of fun and good if you want to wear out your hyper kids. But a word of caution: you will be sore the next day! Much love to you all!

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