Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy 10 Year Birthday Sera!

Dear Sera,

Last week on January 5 you turned 10-years-old. I cannot believe it. Double digits! I think your Dad is still trying to wrap his mind around it.

We spent the evening eating terrible Chinese food and playing at Nicklecaid. It was fun to be able to spend a birthday with you since you have the tendency to be out-of-state a lot. We miss getting to share those special moments with you when you are gone Sera. I want you to know how much it means to your Dad and me when we can be there for you. I know that sometimes it gets confusing for you because of what you are told but some day when you read this I hope you believe me when I say, we love being in your life as much as we can!
I have known you since you were 3-years-old. I remember the first night I met you. Interestingly enough, you wanted Chinese food then too. We sat on the floor of your Dad’s apartment in Sugarhouse and ate sweet and sour chicken and fried rice. After that we played with your blocks. You kept handing me different blocks telling me that they were various types of food and then insisting I eat them. When ever I did as you asked you would laugh and clap your hands. I wish it was still that easy to make you laugh!

Over the past 7 years I have grown to love you just like you were mine. I need you to know that. I love you Sera Bear! You bring so much sunshine into my life. You make me smile when you tell jokes, even when those jokes don’t make much sense. You amaze me with how creative you can be.

I also want you to know that your Daddy is so very proud of whom you are. He is always remarking about how smart and clever you are. It makes him nearly explode with pride when he sees you reading at such a high level. He loves asking you about what you are doing at school even though I know sometimes you get bored talking about it. I think your Dad would call you every single day if he thought it wouldn’t drive you crazy. You are not always a big fan of talking on the phone.

You have an excellent memory which is something that will help you a lot in later life. You can recall things I said a year ago and it amazes me every time you do it. You like to play jokes or pranks on people, which is fine. But when it comes having a joke played on you, you are not such a big fan. Like when we told you Becca got bit by a tiger at the zoo-you were so worried about her leg and were trying to be so careful around Becca so she didn’t get hurt. But when you found out that we were teasing you, you were not so happy and decided to sit in the bathroom by yourself for a little bit. Even now every time we have you for the weekend you ask if we can play a joke on Becca to get even. And I trust that some day you are going to get your revenge on Becca even though the whole thing was really my idea.

You give excellent snuggles. Both your Dad and I love it when you want to snuggle up next to us on the couch or sit on our lap. You love to play games with the family and are very good at it. Some of the games we play are made for older kids but you are so smart that you always pick up the rules so quickly and can keep up.

And of course, you love to be the star of the show. You love the attention people give you and eat it up when all eyes are on you. You love to sing and dance. You love to make people laugh. I think that you are destined to be some sort of entertainer.

You are an incredible big sister. For me Sera, this is such a blessing. You love to help your brother. You will read to him if he asks. You play with him. You get him a drink he if needs help. You go into his room in the morning and crawl into his bed with him so that the two of you can play. Gabe looks up to you Sera and always asks if he can come see you. He loves you with all his heart and you are one of his favorite people. I know as you grow older you may not always want to play with you baby brother but for now, I am glad that you love him so much and will play with him.

You are an amazing, compassionate, tender-hearted, brave, and smart young woman Sera. Sometimes I don’t give you enough credit for how grown up you really are. But I hope that through everything that you have been through in your 10 years, you have always known just how much your Daddy and I love you.

Happy Birthday Sera Bear! I love you always and forever!


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BeccaBoo said...

What a blessing to have Sera in our family! She brings us so much light and happiness.