Monday, June 27, 2011

Top 10 Things I Have Recently Discovered

Here is my newest Top 10. These are things that I have recently learned or discovered about myself. I am sure many of you will see where I am coming from. Enjoy!

1. Whatever comes after the DVD I am going to boycott. Who is with me? I am not restarting my collection.
2. My child blows on his ice cream is cool it off-I don’t have the heart to correct him which proves that I really am a good mom.
3. How many times can I apply sunscreen before someone stops me and tells me I am obsessed?
4. It is easier for “You” to put on a jacket to warm up than it is for me too turn off the air conditioner and remain cool. Unless you want to see me naked, better start bringing a sweater with you!
5. I must have a cutoff time for coffee consumption.
6. There are 2 moments that I dread: The first is the moment when I am arguing with Ryan and realize that I am wrong and the second is the moment is when I realize I have leaned too far back in my chair.
7. I have put certain phone numbers in my phone before so that I can be sure I don’t pick up when you call. Question is, are you one of those people?
8. Why is it that it is when you think you can finally trust your child not to do something, they do it? I am obvisouly too trusting.
9. I hate it when people assume that I am a bitch because I like to be loud and sarcastic…wait…Nevermind. I get it now.
10. Have you ever walked out of a public bathroom smelling your hands because you like the scent of the soap and had someone stare at you? I have and let me tell you how awkward it was trying to explain that one. “No no! This isn’t what it looks like. I really did wash my hands! I just like the smell of the soap. Smells like Fruit Loops.” They never believe you and will never again ask to borrow your pen. I need to work on my timing.

P.S. More Gabe to come soon. Much love to you all!

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Lacie said...

You are so wonderful!!!!!! I love "things I've learned" keeps me blogging!!!!