Thursday, July 7, 2011

Boys of Summer

We love summer time here at Homestead Farms. As I have mentioned before, we have some awesome neighbors/friends and when summer time rolls around, we get to spend many evenings outside just hanging out and letting the kids play. (And by kids, that often includes the husbands along with the children.)

Here we have J and his lovely little girl TaylorAnn. TaylorAnn and Gabe are just over a year apart and I am sure as the days go by, they will become good friends. And the other night as Gabe was scooting around on his fire truck TaylorAnn wanted a ride too. It was so cute to watch the 2 of them rolling around on the truck together and TaylorAnn could not stop smiling.

Also in my previous blog I mentioned that Gabe has turned into quite the little Picasso at times by way of coloring on my living room walls. There were some doubts that my sweet little boy could do such a thing....

BAM! Doesn't he look proud? Here is my little artist sitting below his "work of art." Of course I had him help me clean it off but not before getting proof for you, Internet.

Here is a close-up of his art. I wish his creative outlet wasn't released on my white walls.

Also this summer we have taken Gabe swimming a couple times. We wanted to find a pool more suitable for little kids and we scored big time with the Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center.

I have already allowed a picture of myself in my swimsuit once so you will not be seeing one of me again. Did Ryan take some? Yes. But you will not see them. They are just too sexy for a family blog. If I were to post them on here, I would have to give this site an Over 18 Warning and I really don't want to start a sex riot over my blog.

This past holiday weekend we had the pleasure of having Ryan's parents Scott and Linda in town. We always love it when his family can come down and spend time with Gabe. Gabe gets to see my family all the time and he loves it. We want him to have the same relationship with Ryan's family too.

On the 4th of July we took everyone down to the Tracy Aviary. Gabe loves birds and Ry and I have wanted to take him but we are lazy no-fun poops and it took having special company in town to get us down there.
Gabe was running around like a chicken with his head cut off...a little bird humor for you there. He was having so much fun feeding ducks, peeking into cages, and yes, chasing pigeons. He did occasionally stand still long enough to get his picture taken. Above we have Gabe, Grandma Linda, and Grandpa Scott.

The aviary had a few of these wooden cutouts and Gabe loved them all. He loved getting his picture taken and when we would try to walk away, he would get a little cranky until he saw something with feathers and then he would forget. Phew for short attention spans.

It has been a great summer so far. We love being able to get out in the sunshine and spend time together as a family. We wish Sera could be here with us and miss her fun-loving spirit. We know that she wishes she could be here with us too.

Sorry for the long blog but you should see what I didn't put in! I will try to not be such a slacker and post more frequently but honestly I say that all the time. Much love to you all!

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