Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The End of An Era

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to see an advanced screening of the final Harry Potter movie that is going to be released this Friday. Was it amazing? OF COURSE!

I have not always loved Harry Potter. I boycotted it at first because people were telling me that I absolutely had to read it. I refused and it wasn’t until after the first movie came out on DVD that I even bothered to pick up a copy.

After the first book, I WAS HOOKED! I fell in love with the characters and truly hated others. I can remember while reading Order of the Phoenix, “Is it right that I hate Delores Umbridge so much? She is a fictional character.” And I really did hate her. The emotion was so real even though she wasn’t.

But that is what great books will do for you. They come alive and the characters become people to root for, cry for, and sometimes hate. A good author can make you feel real emotions for fake people. And for me, that really is what those books did.

The books are wonderful and I was sad, as I am sure many others were, when I finished the last page of the Deathly Hallows. I felt sad that the story was over but at least I had the movies to look forward too.

Last night marked the end of that for me too. The movie was, well, it was simply spectacular. Of course I loved it because I love the story so much. It could be the biggest piece of technical trash with poor effects and bad acting and I would probably still love it. But in truth, I thought it was great.

It had parts that made me laugh, which was nice because Deathly Hallows Part 1 was such a serious movie. This one brought a little humor back and I loved it. Ron has some of the best dialog and the actor Rupert Grint has great facial expressions. It kept me smiling between the parts where I got choked up.

Yes, I did shed a tear at a couple parts-I know, LAME! And there were other parts where the entire theater cheered and clapped at. It was fun to be in a room full of people who loved it just as much as I did that when you see Ron and Hermione kiss, you can’t help but clap. (That does sound a little creepy now that I think about it but oh well.)

All I can say is that it was a fantastic movie and I am sad that it is over. I don’t want to go on and on because most of us know the story. And for those of you who don’t…have you been living under a rock? I won’t spoil it for those who don’t know how it ends but honestly, if you haven’t read the books and you don’t know what happens go to the library right now and check them out.

Thanks to my Mom for taking me with you. Thanks to my Dad for not wanting to go and letting me have your ticket. And thanks to Ryan and Becca who were cool with me going even though I know they both wanted to see it too.

And remember, help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it.

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