Friday, June 24, 2011

Pure Toddler Terror

This one goes out to anyone who thinks Gabe is always an angel and offers to take him from me because he is such a sweet boy.

See that face? That Demon Howler Monkey? This happened because I wouldn’t let him use the ketchup-cover piece of popcorn fish that he had speared on the end of his fork to paint his face. For one, he would most likely poke his own eye out with the fork in the process and two, ketchup sucks to clean up. But clearly I was the meanest, most terrible mom EVER! So terrible that I even took a picture of him while he was so obviously devastated.

Other fun things Gabe does:
-Removes all the paper from the printer and spreads it generously around the house.
-Hides my flip-flops
-Turns the bathtub on and gets mad when we say it isn’t bath time
-Obsessively wants to flush the toilet
-Bangs on the wall of his bedroom when he wants OUT OUT OUT!
-Removes all the wipes from the plastic box they come in
-Drinks Ryan’s Mt Dew, or Daddy Juice as Gabe calls it, when ever he can get to it
-Refuses to eat anything not in nugget or ball form
-Uses the dishwasher door as a step-stool
-Bites my face!
-Pulls the handrail for the stairs from the wall

So this being said, do you still want to take him from me? (Either of Gabe’s grandmas will be saying YES right now.)

I love Gabe with all my heart. And despite his clearly destructive toddler behavior, I wouldn’t trade him for anything-NOT EVEN A KLONDIKE BAR!

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