Sunday, June 5, 2011

Good Clean Family Fun

Memorial Day weekend was rainy here in Utah. And if it wasn't raining then it was overcast and kind of chilly. We were lucky enough to have Ryan's brother and his wonderful wife in town until Monday morning. We went to the zoo, played games, and just enjoyed getting to hang out. We don't get to see Ryan's family very often so it is great when we get to spend time with them.

Monday afternoon we went with my family to Wastach Lawns Cemetary to pay our respects to my Grandpa Byron and my Dad's mom LuRee who passed away from breast cancer when my dad was a teenager. We also visited my Dad's Grandparents who I never really knew. My Great Grandpa passed before I was born and my Great Grandma passed not long after I was born. But my parents have always stressed the importance of paying respects to our loved ones and even though it was cold and wet, we took Gabe to put flowers on the headstones.

I hope that when you read this someday Gabe, you will remember these times as being happy and just as important. It is so important to remember those who came before us and made our lives possible. I hope that all my kids remember that lesson.

Here are my Mom and Dad in front of the headstones of my Great Grandparents. I picked this picture not only because it is a nice one of my parents but also because you can see Gabe wandering in the background. He was OBSESSED with all the flowers and things people had left-I was worried he was going to start acting like Gabezilla and destroying things but under our watchful eyes he did very well.

I also want to take this opportunity to say Happy 4 Year anniversary to my amazing husband Ryan. On Friday night he surprised me with a wonderful dinner at Tucano's down at Gateway and then we spent the night at the Anniversary Inn in the Mysteries of Egypt Room. I should have guessed that when left in charge, Ryan would chose a room with a Snake Tub & Shower.
I love you so much Ryan! This past year has been full of difficulties for our family. From skin cancer to custody battles, we have been through a lot together. I want you to know (along with anyone else who reads this blog.) that I know you are the greatest man I could have ever hoped to marry. You love me with all your heart and treat me better than I could have ever hoped for. And as for your skills as a are incredible. Your love for your children and the depths to which you will go to protect their well-being in unsurpassed. You are an amazing parent and anyone who truly knows you can see that.

This evening we had dinner at my parents' house with Becca, Spencer, and Spencer's father Larry. Spencer is always the first to offer to do the dishes and tonight he had a special little helper.

Becca had me take this picture of the 2 of them standing at the kitchen sink. They are so cute! I know that someday (Hopefully Soon! Hint hint!) that Becca and Spenny will be great parents!

I was trying to get Gabe to look at me and when he finally did he was not happy that I was trying to disturb him during his very important work.

I guess you could look at the theme of this post as being "I Have An Amazing Family!" And it is true...I DO! Much love to you all!

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