Sunday, May 22, 2011

Part 2...FINALLY!

Recently I learned that the "Beginning of the End" was scheduled to happen on May 21, 2011 at 6:00pm. I decided that blogging would have to take a back seat as I prepared for what would be left of this world. As you can see, I was not planning on being one of the chosen few who were lifted up and taken to Heaven. All I asked of my loved ones was that they put a good word in for me once they got there.

6:00 PM came and went yesterday. I would like to tell you that I was huddled in my living room in the fetal position with a helmet on and a shotgun tucked safely within arm's reach but alas...I forgot. I was driving down Bangerter Highway when I asked Ryan, "What time is it?" When he replied that it was about 6:27 PM I said, "Well we're still here." After I came to the conclusion that I was safe from a flaming and miserable 5 months of existence I knew there was only one thing left to do...Jager shots.

All this being said, I woke up this morning and decided to continue on with my blog because clearly, Jesus didn't come yesterday because he was also waiting for Part 2.

Part 2

With all of Ryan's family in town I thought it would be nice to make Easter dinner. I wanted to impress them with my culinary skills. I also found out that my Mom would be out of town Easter night and so I asked my Dad to join us for Easter dinner. Then my sister Becca and her hubby Spencer asked if they could come too. OF COURSE! They were quickly followed by Byron and his fiance Holly. Okay...10 people and one Gabe. I bit off more than I could chew. Luckily everyone pitched in and helped with dinner so it went really well.

After dinner we did another egg hunt for Gabe and he kind of kept getting distracted and wasn't really interested. Becca ended up finding most of the eggs for him.

It was a busy weekend but it was a great weekend! I love being around our families and letting Gabe really get to know them all. Ryan's family lives so far away that I feel bad he doesn't see them as often as I wish he could. That is why this weekend was even more special because he really got to spend a lot of time with them.

Easter is such a special time. I know I joke about being an evil hell-bound person but I am going to get all spiritual for a second. Easter always reminds me of new beginnings and being able to overcome any trial. You all know the personal trial that our family has been going through for almost the past year. It has tested my faith on more than one occasion. But Easter came and I was reminded that if He could overcome death, I can overcome...well, you know.

Since Easter we have been trying to enjoy the few sunny days we have had. We have spent several days playing in the park or across the street at the elementary school. Gabe is so big now and he loves climbing, swinging on swings, and going down the slide.

It is always so much fun getting to explore with him as he discovers new things.

And even on rainy days Gabe still knows how to have fun and he never lets the gray clouds stop him.
Ryan always says the his Grandpa Dunbar remarked that he would never have a grandchild that doesn't love puddles-that statement is still holding to be true!

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the world didn't end yesterday because there are still so many great things Gabe has to discover about this place.

Thanks to everyone for waiting for Part 2. I guess it probably wasn't as exciting as you were all hoping it would be. But hopefully you see this the way that I do: It may have taken me a month to finish his blog but on the plus side WE AREN'T BURNING UP BECAUSE WE ARE EVIL!

Much love to you all!

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