Friday, June 10, 2011

M/M/M and More!

I am going to try something new today. Today I am going to try doing an M/M/M. What is M./M/M.? It is something I saw on Facebook (Sigh…) called MakeOut/Marry/Murder. I think this is pretty self-explanatory.

M/M/M for 6-10-2011

Make Out: Republican Rep. Chris Lee
Marry: Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner
Murder: Slim Goodbody

Allow to me to explain-Chris Lee resigned from his position as a U.S. Representative back in February because he was caught sending shirtless pics of himself to women he met on Craigslist. Lee would be a good make-out I imagine but not someone I would want to settle down with. Rep. Weiner on the other hand, he is the marrying type because as of right now he was only sending pictures-not trying to hook-up with anyone. And Slim Goodbody, that douche! Anyone who wears a roadmap to his vital organs on the outside deserves what he gets.

As for Gabe, he is doing great. He is big into safety right now and is wearing his protective head-gear. Interesting side note: that bucket also serves as a basketball hoop, water pail, giant blue shoe, and oddly-shaped and not-too-effective spoon. P.S. My M/M/M is in no way a reflection of how I feel about my husband. Ryan is the BEST and I would not trade him for 1,000,000 perverted pictures from Government Officials. (And if that isn’t true love then I don’t know what is!)

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