Sunday, October 4, 2009

Family Fun

Last night my Grandma Diane and Grandpa Jim took the family out for a nice dinner at the Lone Star Steakhouse. Okay, well, honestly my Grandma took us out for dinner on the money my Grandpa won at his Korean War reunion in a raffle. My Grandpa probably would have rather spent the money on Pepsi and cowboy movies.
Almost everyone was there. Grandma & Grandpa, of course. Then there were my parents Chad and Karen and my brother Byron, my sister Becca & her hubby Spencer, me, Ryan, and Gabe. Then my Uncle John and Aunt Debbie and their daughter Jessie and her husband Todd and their other daughter Jenny and her husband Ed. Then Aunt Kathy and her husband Paul and Paul's boys Nick and Tyler. My cousin Nicole, her husband Matt and their 3 boys Cameron, Jackson, and Chris. And then finally my Aunt Tracii (Hi Aunt Tracii if you are reading this!) and her two daughters Amy and Michelle. So that makes a grand total of 28. And we were short 4 people. I think the employees of Lone Star Steakhouse were glad to see us go when we were all done eating.
It was a fun night. We rarely all get together like that because no one really has a house big enough to accomedate everyone. And it was really nice to not have to cook or do the clean up on all that.
Of course, everyone loved Gabe. He got passed around more than a joint at a Pink Floyd concert. I think he was a little over stimulated by the end of the night. Either that, or he spent a little too much time under the neon beer signs. (Consequently his first word will probably be Miller, like Miller Genuine Draft.)
And in case there is a contest out there for "Most Awkward Moment Involving Your Grandpa" ere is my submission. I am sitting there enjoying my baked potato and Gabe starts fussing. My Grandpa, who is an 80-somthing-year-old man looks at me across from the table and loudly asks, "So are you still feeding him the titty?" Yes Grandpa asked about my titty. Talk about uncomfortable. How would you handle that situation? Me? I just shook my head yes and looked at my Grandma as if to say "Does he have any meds you can give him to SHUT HIM UP?!?!"
It was great that everyone got to meet Gabe finally. And now that Ryan is home for good (THANK YOU GOD!) he got to see everyone again as well. I only wish Sera could have been there with us but you know how things are when you have to deal with that blessed thing called "joint custody."
As for the picture of Gabe at the top of the page, that is him in his Doggy jumpsuit that I believe his Grandma Linda gave him. We put him in that this morning because it is freaking cold here today. And I would take a picture of the cute little Snugglesarus outfit that we had him in for bedtime but he peed and it leaked and so that outfit went into the laundry. And so we changed him into another bedtime outfit and then Gabe turned into Linda Blair from The Exorcist and a volcano of vomit ended up on me, him, the boppy (If you dont know what a Boppy is you must not have children so Google it for future refrence!), my pillow, and the bed. It was lovely. A river of vomit spewed forth and it smelled like bad milk. So now he has been changed again and hopefully there will be now more leaking bodily fluids for tonight, but I will let you know.
Love to you all! I will post again soon.

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