Thursday, October 8, 2009


It could be considered as "The Question of the Century" by some. But by most, it is consider not that important. But for Ryan and I, it is a frequent topic of conversation. And what is the question I am alluding to? Who does Gabe look like the most?

Of course Ryan and I go back and forth on what we think. And our family and friends have their opinions about it as well. Mostly people say he looks like Ryan and I tend to agree but that might be because Ryan is a man and I am not. And let's face it, I kind of want my little boy to look more like a dude than a lady. (I do not want to hear Aerosmith everytime I see my little guy...unless it is their song "Sweet Emotion" because that song KICKS ASS!)

Allow me to present EXHIBIT A-a picture of Ryan and Gabriel. You cannot really see it in this picture but Ryan and Gabe have similar eye color. In this picture Gabe looks like he has been possessed by something evil and you can't really see his eye color. And yes I am aware that his eye color still might change so spare me you emails telling me all about how your baby's eye color changed after a year. I KNOW! I am talking about right now.

I also think he kind of has Ryan's nose but again, he's a baby and his nose looks different now then it probably will later in life. And both Ryan and I have high cheekbones so that is kind of a toss up. But just looking at them side-by-side I think they look a lot alike.

But in all fairness I must present EXHIBIT B-a picture of Gabe and I together. I think his mouth looks like mine but you can't really tell because I am smiling. His top lip comes to a high peak and mine does the same when it is relaxed. Ryan goes more straight across.

The only other thing I think Gabe and I have in common, other then our fabulous complextion, is our cheekbones. But again Ryan and I both have high cheekbones so it is really a toss up on that one.

One thing we can both agree on is that we are all very good looking people and so we make one good looking group. And when you add Sera into that mix well, we are almost too good looking. So good looking that it should be illegal. In fact, we have been approached by a secret government agency to join a colony on a remote island full of attractive people so that we can keep making more attractive people. It's true...but we declined because we would miss Utah's lovely mountains. Oh yeah! And we would miss our less attractive family members...don't you wish you knew if I was talking about you right now? Don't ya? HAHAHA!

So you be the judge Internet. You tell us who you think he looks more like. And if you can't decide well at least you have two options for the new background for your desktop. Because, I mean, how could you not want that cute little baby face as the background of your desktop? HONESTLY!

Much love to you all! We anxiously wait for your responses.


Baby Mama said...

The colony thing is hilarious! I am giving the safe response: He looks like both of you.

BL said...

hmm...I think he looks like your milk man....JUST KIDDING! He does look like both of you. Next time you take side by side picture...I would suggest making the face that he is making...then it might be easier to judge!