Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just Dance

Oh Byron…my brother. What were you thinking? Sending me something so AMAZING! So wonderfully…embarrassing. Did you not stop to think “Hmmm…this might end up on the internet?” Ha! Perhaps I should explain to my “readers” what this video is about.

You see Internet, my brother and sister love my dance moves. This isn’t because I am some amazing dancer. Oh no. It is because I am an awful dancer and my moves are so deliciously tacky that they make people burst into uncontrollable laughter. And there have been several times where they have requested to see my moves simply to give themselves a good laugh. And I don’t mind performing because I love making people laugh.

So my family was at Disneyland last week, as you may remember from my last blog, and for some reason my siblings decided to send me the following video. It was a challenge for a dance off. Allow me to show you what I was up against:

So I decided to pull out the big guns for my response. After all, I am not going to back down. So my reply was this:

Like I am going to send out a video of my dancing? Honestly! So I can end up on YouTube and the Internet? Don’t think so. Sorry Byron. But I hope you enjoy your Internet dancing debut! Love you Brother!

P.S. Sorry about Byron's video being on it's side. You have my sister's videography to thank for that. Love you too Becca! And also, did you see that adorable picture of Gabe at the top of my blog? Don't you just love that little face?

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