Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lions & Tigers & Bears...well no Lions

Sunday was a great day for our family. We had a very nice time Sunday morning when we went, as a family, to a Methodist church. Ryan’s mom is Methodist and he was raised with her Methodist values. So when Ryan and I decided to make more of an attempt to go to church more often, we decided that we would give a Methodist church a shot. It was pretty different but it was also very nice. It was peaceful and pretty laid back. And it was just nice to go to church together as a family.

After church we ran home to have some lunch and then headed up to Hogle Zoo. I have been dying to go up there since the baby elephant was born. But little did I know that there was also a baby Colobus monkey, a baby giraffe, a baby snow leopard, and three baby tigers. As my brother Byron put it, the animals at the zoo have really been “getting it on” lately.

The zoo was a lot of fun for all of us. Sera loved taking pictures of all the animals. I loved seeing all the babies, especially the little baby elephant. Ryan just loves spending time with his family. And Gabe, well, he loves eating and sleeping. But he got to eat and sleep at the zoo, which was extra special. And although he won’t remember it, I took a couple pictures of Gabe and Sera to commemorate his first visit to Hogle Zoo.

We also had some fun on Friday night when my sister stopped by for a visit. She and Sera always seem to have a good time together but often times, Becca gets Sera into trouble because she encourages her to goof off. (This behavior especially seems to happen around the dinner table and involves burping, or playing with her food, or getting off her chair and playing before she has even touched her food. Thanks for that Bec!) But in the end, Sera never does anything TOO naughty and so it is handled easily with a “Sera, please stop.”

This time, however, there was no trouble to be had and Sera and Becca instead, preformed makeovers on each other. I am not sure whose idea it was, Becca’s or Sera’s, but in the end the results were…lovely. I give Sera the award for “Best Hippy/Punk/Homeless Crazy Cat Lady Look” with her design on Becca. Notice the ponytail and her use of not one, but two, elastics.

Becca gets that award for “Most Futuristic Design” with her space alien themed hair. Sera is, of course, a lovely model who shows off her look to its best, if there even was a “best” for this look.

It was fun to spend a little time with Bec before she, my Mom, my Dad, and Byron all headed off to California to spend some time at Disneyland and the beach. Now I know what you are thinking…”How could they leave you at home Rachel? You are the sunshine, comedic relief, and dance expert…THEY NEED YOU!” And yes, I am all those things. It is true. Ryan and I decided, however, that with our newborn little Gabe-zilla, it might be best if we stayed home this time.

So here we sit in cold wet Utah anxiously awaiting their return and some great looking Mickey Mouse ears for our whole family. And we DO expect those ears Mom. I don’t know if you will check this blog while you are on vacation, but you should. Because my blog is just that awesome.

So that is it for us for now. I know Internet, you are always hungry for more but you will just have to wait for my next installment where I am sure to talk about some sort of bodily fluid that came from Gabe, or some funny Sera story, or maybe perhaps the meaning of life. You never know with me Internet, I am full of surprises!

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