Sunday, October 30, 2011

Boo at the Zoo 2011

This weekend we attended Boo at the Zoo at Utah's Hogle Zoo. It was fun and a little overwhelming. I was kind of shocked by how many people were there. It was fun to see all the kids in their costumes. The only thing that I would complain about is the crazy parents that were there with their cute kids. Who pushes and shoves over a piece of free taffy? Honestly! I hope those people feel good about getting aggressive with a little girl in a Pikachu costume.

This station was giving out free cheese sticks and so they had a cow mascot. I am guessing Gabe is secretly lactose intolerant by the look on his face. He was creeped out by this cow. Even as we walked away he kept looking back like he thought the cow was going to go all Freddy Kruger on him. But you know, now that I get a good look at this cow it does look a little too happy. Or maybe he just gets freaked out by giant animal costumes since he does have a history of that.
Sera was having a great time looking at all the animals who were a little more active-maybe because of the cold weather. I thought it was kind of a cool picture with her bright yellow costume against the blue water.
And here we have Captain America who again, looks less-than-thrilled to be at the zoo. But I promise you that he was having fun running around getting candy. Plus he just looks so darn cute in his costume!
Also on Saturday my dad asked if he could take Sera to the University of Utah football game with him. At first Sera was hesitant to go because she wanted to stay home and watch T.V. When we told her that there would be no T.V. she changed her tune and said she wanted to go to the game. It had nothing to do with not wanting to spend time with my Dad but more she just likes T.V. a little too much.

But by the look on her face in this picture she looks like she was having a fantastic time! And according to my Dad she had fun jumping and screaming. He said that she was really well behaved and engaged in the game and that he was thrilled she went with him. And Sera said she had a really fun time once she was home.
It was another fun weekend with my kiddos. Tomorrow night should be even more fun since we get to have Sera for trick-o-treating and Ryan's mom Linda is coming too. I will post pictures soon! Much love to you all!

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