Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bees and Hippies and Hot Springs...OH MY!

A lot has been going on since I blogged last. Was any of it SUPER exciting...well, no. But we have been having fun together as a family and even though it wouldn't make the headlines of the Deseret News, we have enjoyed ourselves.

Last Thursday we got tickets to go a Salt Lake Bees baseball game with my parents and my sister Becca and her hubby Spencer. It was a lot of fun and I want to give a thanks to my Aunt Kathy for giving us the tickets.

Gabe, always being safety aware, knew that foul balls were a concern. So after finishing his popcorn, he turned the bucket into a helmet. Now he is "safe" and adorable!

And what game would be complete without a visit from Bumble, the Bee's mascot? If you ask Gabe, that would have made for a much happier baseball game! Eeep! Scary Bee!

And this past weekend our family made a trip to one of our favorite places to visit. HIPPY HOT SPRINGS! And this year was even better because Bubba was there and also because Mom and Dad's cabin actually had a door and not just a piece of tie-dyed fabric.

Gabe was having a good time despite his reservations about the water being hot. He was really enjoying himself until he slipped on the slick rock and went under the water for a second. Then he was kind of scared and mad at me for letting it happen. Clearly, this was my fault and so as punishment Gabe threw my cell phone into the hot spring. Androids are amazing phones but folks, they aren't waterproof by any means!
But Gabe was not the only person having a great time! Here are Spenny and Dad doing some fancy swimming. Excellent form in the arms Spencer! And Dad...nice swim trunks?
Here we have The Ladies enjoying the lovely surroundings along with the warm water.
I do have to praise Spencer for not only for his excellent dance form but also for his environmental awareness. As he was exiting the hot springs he almost stepped on this little guy but stopped himself just in time. And Ryan, not to be outsmarted by a frog, chased Walter (Yes, I named the frog.) because he wanted to show it to Gabe. Gabe was not impressed but the rest of us were!

This weekend is sure to be full of excitment with Byron and Holly's wedding carnival extravaganza! Not to mention Gabe's 2nd birthday next week, the rehersal dinner, and the wedding day. I am going to be busy so I may not post again for a little bit but I gave you 2 posts tonight so that should tide you over for a bit. Much love to you all!

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