Monday, August 15, 2011

Top 10 Things That Are Bugging Me Right Now

Please take this Top 10 with a grain of salt or perhaps a shot of whiskey. I have not had any coffee today so I am "in a mood."

Top 10 Things that Are Bugging Me Right Now

1. The snacks in my drawers. Right now, I really wish I had more food than a bag of Cheddar Cheese Rice Cakes. What the hell was I thinking? Why didn’t I buy something that would actually satisfy a craving? Oh but Rachel, they have 0 grams of Trans Fat and 13 grams of Whole Grains. You know what? All 13 of those whole grains can kiss my butt-I want a damn Snickers bar!

2. The pedometer on my side that reminds me of how much I hate walking.

3. The people walking across the street to go get coffee. You suck-unless you bring me an iced vanilla latte and then, you are AWESOME!

4. The fact that people assume I am in charge of a function simply because I made the sign-up sheet for it. No, it just means I know how to use clipart better than the person who really is in charge.

5. This itchy patch of dry skin on the side of my nose.

6. The fact that I am being so whiney. I hate it when I annoy myself.

7. The envelopes I have been helping to address. People, listen up. I love you and how crafty you can be. The cute handmade invites to things are fabulous! However, if you would like me to help address things in the future, make your invites with a normal size envelope. My handwriting blows and to try and make it tiny enough to fit on your cutesy envelopes…not happening. On second thought, the next time, I am buying sticker labels.

8. People who think I am a grump because I don’t love planning/attending wedding showers, baby showers, blah, blah, blah. I hate the little games you play and all the garbage. I am not saying that I don’t love you and that I am against your special event. But don’t expect me to get so excited over playing a game where you unscramble the names of household items or go all sappy over tiny little nut cups with pink and blue mints. Just let me show up, give you my gift, and smile and be grateful I am not drunk.

9. Thunder and lightening storms that keeps you up when you are trying to sleep.

10. Sisters that will not have a baby because your child needs a cousin. Who cares if you and your husband are career-minded and responsible? Get busy and give my son a playmate already!

More Gabe to come soon! Much love to you all!

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