Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cross It Off His Bucket List

Ryan once told me that before he died he wanted to go skydiving. I thought he was crazy because unless it is on fire, there is no good reason to jump out of a plane. But I love him and want him to achieve his dreams so for our anniversary I bought him a tandem jump along with a video and pictures. Yay for him!

After many attempts and having to cancel because of weather, today we were finally able to get him out to Skydive Utah in Erda, UT.

Safety is the first priority so Ryan had to watch a video and learn a few things before he could jump. When it is your first jump you have to jump with someone which is called a tandem jump. The tandem master does almost all the work which takes a lot of pressure and worry of the first-timer.

After getting hooked up into his harness they got a few pictures of the family. My guess was this was just in case this is the last time we ever see Ryan in one piece. Just kidding!
Ryan's parents also got to be there to see Ryan live one of his dreams.

To jump safely the plane was to reach a height of 13,000 feet. It probably felt like one of the longest moments of his life but he kept a big smile on his face! I can tell from the pictures hownervous but also how trilled he was to be doing this. That was his tandem partner Avery behind him in the blue shirt.

So he assumed the correct position which looks similar to a banana with chicken wings and you jump from the plane to go free-falling to Earth. I love Ryan's face in this picture because he looks like his heart is racing and and he is having an awesome time.

And even while plummeting to the ground he is still smiling and giving the experience 2 thumbs up.

He is obviously having the time of his life!

Once you reach a certain altitude the instructor pulls the cord and deploys the parachute. On the way down, Avery asked Ryan if he wanted to do a few loops in the air. Ryan wasn't sure but agreed. He said the the first loop made his stomach do a flip but then he loved it and asked if they could it again. He is a fearless guy!

After Ryan landed and got unstrapped the photographer asked him what he thought about the experience and he said, "That was so bad ass!" He had a fantastic flight and could not stop smiling the whole way home.

For me, it was an incredible experience to watch the man I love accomplish something that was a big deal for him-he already wants to go again! Ryan is brave and loves to try new things. I could not be happier that I was able to help him achieve the dream. I love you Ryan and I hope that I can be there for you when to reach all your goals in life.

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