Wednesday, September 21, 2011

He Keeps Us Laughing

We bought a toy box from IKEA in hopes it would keep our house from constantly looking like Black Friday in a Wal-Mart toy aisle when Barbies are on sale for $5. Not only does the toy box not work because Gabe has too many toys but also because boxing up his stuff neatly only encourages him to dump it all out again. And when to box is empty he decides to use it for, let’s say, other creative means of entertainment.
Squish Face!
You cannot imagine how hard I laughed when he did this. And of course, because he got such a laugh he just kept on doing it. At least the dumb toy box is getting use for something!

And after all that hard work of making Mom and Dad laugh Gabe had a good nights sleep.

Obviously he is a restless sleeper. Much love to you all!

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