Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gabe 1-Mom & Dad 0

Gabe loves to be a helper. He has his own Gabe-Sized broom to help sweep. Last night he smelled like dish soap because he tried to help with dishes. But Gabe really loves to try and unlock Freya’s cage and let her out. The only problem is Gabe cannot get the key in lock and usually ends up losing the key somewhere. So Ryan and I decided to outsmart him by moving the key so that is was hanging above the cage where he could not get it. Why we think our plans will ever work, I have no idea! Yesterday Ryan was doing the dishes when he could hear Gabe calling for help. Ryan assumed it was because Gabe could not find the key and he wanted to let the puppy out. This is what he found:
What a cute picture right? Look at that adorable smile! But wait…what is that in the cage?

Ah yes. It is the key.

So Ryan, instead of moving the kennel out of the way or simply lifting it up, found something long enough the try and knock it out of the cage. When I asked him why he didn’t just move the cage he said that it was because Gabe would not move off the top of the cage. When I asked why he didn’t just move Gabe and then move the cage he said “Quiet You!” I think we all know what that means…I WIN!

Life is never dull when trying to outsmart a 2-year-old.

Much love to you all!

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