Thursday, September 15, 2011

Words of Encouragement From Sera

We were able to spend some time with Sera tonight and we decided to go bowling as a family. Sera loves bowling but she can be a bit competitive-she really loves to win! But I give her credit that even though I know she would sigh with relief when I messed up she would always try to cheer me on. For example, here was one conversation we had tonight:

Me: I really stink at bowling. *Said with a smile on my face.*
Sera: Well why don't you use bumpers like me?
Me: Because I'm an adult and that is kind of cheating.
Sera: Yeah but you really suck at this-no offense!

I love having her back home and I wouldn't trade it for anything! (Even though she tells me that I suck.)

Gabe really enjoyed bowling too. He loved pushing the ball down the little ramp and stomping his feet when he knocked over pins. Even if he only got one pin, you would have thought it was a 300 game. It was really cute and Grandma Karen would have been so proud. We were all cheering each other on and clapping. There were lots of hugs and high fives too.
As you can see below, it was a team effort just to get the ball down the lane too. It was fun to do this as a family and see how much Sera loved to help Gabe.You ready to see the final scores???
BOOM! That's right...I was not in last place! Now, ignore the fact the I only beat a two-year-old by four points and that I got beat by a 9-year-old by 8 points. THEY HAD BUMPERS DANG IT! And look-I got a strike AND a spare. It was really a good game for me.

I love spending time with my kids and my hubby-it feels great to be a whole family again. Much love to you all!

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