Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A VERY Belated 2-Year Birthday Letter

My Sweet Boy-

Alright…Mom screwed up and forgot to write your 2-year-old letter. I KNOW! I’m awful and just bought you another 6 months of therapy when you’re older. I apologize in advance-you can send the bill to your Dad.

I’m not even sure where to begin here…you are 2. TWO!!! Where have the past two years even gone? It seems like only yesterday I was in the lobby of the St. Mark’s Women’s Pavilion having an emotional break down because my doctor was telling me the he had to induce labor. And now, 2 years later, every time I look at you I see the reason I was put on this Earth. I am here Gabe because God wanted me to have you. I am here so that you could be here.

You have grown into quite the little man and it has been fun to watch it all happen. At 2-years-old you can count to 10 by yourself and count to 20 with some help. You can recognize almost every letter of the alphabet-you still get L & J confused along with Y & T and U & V but that it still pretty darn good. You have a hard time with colors and now refer to everything as the color blue-for a long time everything was yellow because I think you really liked saying that word.

You can open the fridge and get out you own snacks. This is great when all you want is a yogurt. It is not so great when you eat Salad Dressing, Butter, Chocolate Syrup, or Cholula Hot Sauce. Although I do have to give you some credit because you took a HUGE drink of hot sauce and didn’t even bat an eye. In fact, you wanted more.

You have 3 things that will make you happy without fail: your blanket, Elmo, and Wheel of Fortune. I am guessing it is because of all the yelling of letters that makes you so happy but as soon as you hear the music you get so excited. You will jump up and down, clap your hands, and scream out “LETTER SHOW!” Then throughout the entire episode you will repeat the letter after each contestant speaks, you will call out different letters, clap when they win, and occasionally say the words “Prize Puzzle.” Some people may look down on your Dad and I for letting you watch T.V. but I figure 30 minutes of repeating and identifying letters can’t be that bad for you right?

You love to talk. You are always asking us “What’s that?” or “What you doing?” You are always grabbing our hands and pulling us to wherever you need us: getting you a snack from the cupboards, getting you more milk, turning on the dryer so your blanket gets warm…ect. You love to tell us what things are. You love being able to communicate with us and sometimes, not always, get what you want. You love to boss the dog around and finally feel superior to someone.

You love playing with your big sister Sera. Gabe, unlike your first birthday where I had to express my sadness that Sera was gone, now I get to tell you how happy I am that she is FINALLY back! We always knew Sera would come back to Utah because that is just the way things work but it was still hard having her gone. Now she is back and you cannot get enough time with her. You watch everything she does and try to repeat it. You run and chase each other. You will roll on the floor and laugh about things I am sure I don’t really understand. You give her hugs and ask for her when she is with her Mom. Gabe, I hope that you always get to have this loving and close relationship with Sera because it is incredible to see the two of you together again.

You love being outside and playing with your basketball hoop or swinging on the swings. You love to play catch with your Dad and throw all sorts of toys. You love running and being chased and then tickled. In fact, every night when we got upstairs for bed you will say “Come on Mommy! Get you!” This is my signal to chase you up the stairs while growling while you giggle and run into your bedroom. You love Grandma Karen’s mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, apple sauce, yogurt, green beans, and cheese sticks. You cannot seem to get enough apple juice or milk. You love to say “Love you Mommy” and “Love you Daddy” and we love hearing it.

At 2-years-old you have now been to your first movie in the movie theater and you did pretty well. We took you and Sera to the Lion King and you smiled and looked amazed by all the animals. You got restless towards the end and kept trying to climb down to the seats in front of us while waving and saying “Bye-Bye.” It was fun and your Dad was pretty excited that we made it.

Yes, you get into trouble. You throw tantrums, you tells us no constantly and spend time sitting in the corner. You hit every now and then and spend even more time sitting in the corner. You throw toys, books, garbage, and shoes into the washing machine for fun. You will unroll all the toilet paper or just take a whole brand-new roll and toss the whole thing into the toilet. You HATE HATE HATE having your teeth brushed. You try to escape outside anytime we open the door. But I suspect those are all things that are pretty normal for being 2 and I still love you despite your naughty behavior.

Being your Mom for the past two years is the best thing I have ever done with my life Gabe. You have made me a better person and I will never be able to thank you enough for that. I hope that you continue to learn and grow just as quickly as you already have. You are smart Gabe-even at 2-years-old I can tell you are so smart.

I want you to know that your Dad and I love you with all our hearts. Every night after laying you in bed, giving goodnight kisses, and saying a prayer, we leave your bedroom and stop for a second and just relish that we have you in our lives. We are constantly told how smart, how handsome, and how good you are. And I have to say, hearing that never gets old. We love you Gabriel Scott! Happy Belated 2 Year Birthday!

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