Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All Growed Up & Married

On September 1st my little (Okay not so little.) brother Byron married his soul mate Holly. I do not think he could have found a woman who fits him any better. Holly has a great sense of humor and doesn’t get embarrassed by pretty much anything Byron does. She can put up with our whacko family and still seems to like us. She is smart, kind, and I know that she makes my brother so happy.

I am, shall we say, hard to please when it comes to who my siblings choose as partners. I vetoed quite a few for my sister. I guess I am so bad that Spencer was a little nervous to meet me. WHATEVER! Truth is, my siblings are 2 of my best friends and I only want the best for them. If that makes me a scary hard-to-please Biatch…so be it!

Holly and Byron are one amazing couple and I am so happy that they found each other. I love seeing my brother so happy and I just want to publically thank Holly for loving him and for being there for him. Now get busy and have a kid since the Larsen’s can’t seem to get with the program.

Another great thing that happend that day? Gabe made a new friend in Holly's niece Avery. Aren't they ADORABLE!?!? She is such a sweet little girl and loved giving Gabe hugs.
It was a happy day for so many people but Gabe was really getting hungry and he needed a nap.
I need to give a shout out to Holly's amazing sisters Linsey, Amanda, and Eleasha, who I now kind of love! These 3 girls are awesome and are so freaking fun to be around.

To Holly and Byron: I love you both and wish nothing but the best for you!
But I can't talk about how great Byron and Holly are without giving some attention to my sister Becca and her incredible husband Spencer. We are all grateful he chose Becca over chocolate!
And of course I should pay tribute to my own husband who never stops trying to make me smile! I love you Ryan!

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