Monday, March 30, 2009

My Top 10

It seems like now that I am pregnant, I have much more to say which equals much more blogging. (What this really means is I have more to be sarcastic and whiney about.) So I have compiled a list of the current things that are annoying me about being pregnant.

My stuffy nose-a fun and unexpected side effect caused by the changes my body is going through.

My fatigue-apparently when your body is using all its energy to create someone else’s body, you become exhausted!

Constantly being thirsty-I am drinking water all the time now which makes me need to use the bathroom frequently.

People telling me what is good for because I am pregnant-Thank you, I know I should be eating more veggies, getting lots of rest, stopping the cocaine use…ect ect.

Sneezing-any woman who has been pregnant knows what I mean here!

Hormones-I am already bitchy enough as it is, I don’t need any help.

People scolding me for not finding out what the sex of my baby will be ahead of time-my uterus, my baby, MY CHOICE!

Putting baby furniture together-Luckily Ryan does 99.9% of the work. But the .1% that I help with is annoying.

How sensitive I am to smells-I am constantly fighting back my gag reflex.

Buying new clothes-it is expensive and I am not going to be wearing them long.

I know that things are only going to get worse from here. Please, don’t send me emails telling me that is “best” is yet to come. I understand all of that. I am just complaining because I can. And it isn’t all bad...some parts are great.

Also, just a quick update. Ryan and I leave for our 4 days drive to Mississippi on Wednesday. I am going to drive down with him and then will fly back Sunday afternoon. The trip is going to be very bittersweet for me. But I will take my camera and hopefully get some pictures posted when I get back. Love to you all!

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Boo said...

Hey I know how you feel. I bet you also get, "wow, you'll be pregnant through the summer!" I got that a lot. I hate how everyone only tells you how worse it will get too. I'm super excited for you. I think it is awesome you're not finding out the sex. I want to do that when I already have a boy & a girl... but we'll see if I can talk my hubby into it. :D