Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Practice Run

My sister Becca is really just a giant kid herself and so when she suggested that the kids do a pre-Easter egg hunt after dinner on Sunday, I wasn't really surprised. She and I loaded up with plastic eggs and headed to the back yard to hide the goods.

The kids were excited to get hunting and yes, there was some arguing about who was first in line. But once we said "GO!" they were off and having fun.

Sera was really good about not taking all the easy eggs because she wanted Gabe to have fun too. I thought it was sweet that she was so aware of her brother.
But she made sure that she got her eggs too and she was really good at finding them. Even the ones that I thought would be really hard, she found easily. She is one smart cookie!
And yes, it may appear that Grandpa Chad has just taken a basket of candy from Gabe but I promise that is not what is going on! Barney (The Bonehead Beagle) was sticking his snout in the basket and feasting on Gabe's candy. Grandpa Chad was only rescuing Gabe's goods.
It was a fun reminder of all the good times that are coming in a couple weeks. Except it will be more fun because there will be more eggs, more candy, and another set of Grandparents! Much love to you all!

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