Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bed Head

Gabe has been lucky enough to inherit thee same type of baby fine and stick straight hair as my Dad. This means that Gabe just has to think about a pillow and his hair will puff up like he just licked a light socket. And this morning when Gabe woke up, his hair was better than ever!

Gabe's morning routine consists of waking up, going downstairs, getting a GoGurt out of the fridge, and sitting down to watch either Dora the Explorer or Max & Ruby. I will normally try to change his clothes and fix his hair as he is watching his cartoon but today I had to take a moment to appreciate the craziness of his hair.
But even with all that wild hair he is still adorable! I mean just look at that face...I love it! Hope you are all having a better hair day than Gabe. Much love to you all!

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