Wednesday, March 28, 2012

He Sham"ROCKS"!

For St Patrick's Day we took Gabe down to Gateway Mall to watch the parade. Gabe was excited before we even got downtown because he got to ride on the Trax train. (In case you weren't aware, Gabe LOVES trains!)

When we finally got to the mall we found a spot where we could sit and Gabe had a great time playing on the shamrocks that had been painted on the street. We had fun watching him dodge cars...just kidding!
The parade was long and I will just say it, a little boring. It started out great with bagpipes and dancers and fire trucks. But then all the unions started...Utah Sheet Metal Workers, the Teamsters, etc. And they didn't even have any candy. Gabe got really restless so we left a little early. I was glad because my butt was cold from sitting on the ground.

Even if the parade was a little dull for me, Gabe seemed to have a good time and that is what is most important. And we got to spend some quality time together which is the most important thing of all. Top'o the mornin' to ya and much love to you all!

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