Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cached In

This weekend we had Sera and at her request, spent much of our time Geocaching. She got into last week when we went to Decker Lake and found a great cache. And since the weather was perfect to be outside, we decided to humor her and go out caching again. We found quite a few caches and most were big enough for tradeable items. Sera had fun trying to be sneaky and avoid being seen by non-Geocachers. And as you can see from the pictures below, Gabe joined in on the fun as well.

We also had dinner with my parents on Sunday and decided to let Gabe experiment with feeding himself. As you can see this turned out to be more of preformance art than dinner time. He wore most of it as warrior face paint then getting it into his mouth. It was great watching him try though.

And of course, after his dinner attempt, he ended up in the bath. It was a prefect ending to a perfect weekend.


Janey said...

Geocaching is so fun! We have three hidden ones and my stepdad has over 2000 finds. He is a geocaching maniac. Look us up on the site, we are TheLoops.

Rachel Baker said...

I will for sure!