Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy 7 Months!!!

Happy Seven Month Birthday!!!

Happy 7 month birthday Baby Boy! You are 7 months old plus a few extra days because honestly, I was so busy this past couple weeks and didn't get the chance to post yet. But here you are, 7 months old and still doing AMAZING! You're smile is as infectious as ever and you just keep on growing.

You finally got the hang of sitting up this past month. After months of trying and helping you along, you finally figured out of to balance enough to not fall straight on your chubby little face. And now it seems like you would rather be sitting up all on your own than lying down or sitting in your swing. You will sit in the middle of the floor and play with your toys and smile at your Dad and I.

In this past month your first teeth have also come through. It was a long process filled with lots of tears and sore gums. Lets just say that we went through lots of Oragel and Tylenol. But you finally have one tooth that has really come through and your second one has just started. This of course means that we have had to be more careful about what you chew on. When before we could let you gum on apples now we can't because you'll little chunks and that makes you gag.

In the past 4 weeks you have also become expert in rolling across the floor. You'll roll from one side of the room to the other and then back again. This habit of rolling has also continued on into your bed. You are still sleeping in the bassinet in our bedroom and you will now roll onto your side as well as your tummy. Being on your side in fine but sleeping on your tummy is driving me nuts. I have to flip you onto your back and every time I do, you wake up and get mad at me.

You Dad and I love spending time with you Gabe. We will lay on the floor and play with you and your toys. We will give you baths in the kitchen sink while you splash water all over the floor and us. We feed you jars upon jars on baby food and watch you grow bigger and bigger. It seems like every day you learn something new and do something to make us laugh.

Your smile makes us smile. Your laugh makes us laugh. Your cry makes us...well actually you do this little gurgle thing when you cry and that kind of makes me laugh too. You are the sunshine in my life and I cannot imagine my life without you. Thank you for all the joy and happiness that you have given your Dad and I over the past 7 months. I am excited to see what the next month is going to bring us. And as always, Happy 7 Month Birthday Bubba!!!

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